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  • 7 Summer Tips for Senior Care: Keeping Seniors Safe in the Heat

    Gavin Densmore • July 13, 2021

    Preparation is key to maintaining a healthy balance of fun and sun. Keep your Senior loved ones safe this summer by learning how to prevent heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and other heat-related illnesses.

    1. Encourage them to drink plenty of liquids to avoid dehydration

    Dehydration in seniors is the root of many heat-related health problems. It removes important salts and minerals from the body. Dehydration can cause dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and can lead to hospitalization, bladder infections, kidney stones, and more.

    Make sure you’re choosing hydrating beverages, including:

    ·       Water,

    ·       100% juice drinks like pure orange juice or apple juice (avoiding processed fruit drinks with added sugar,

    ·       Sports drinks high in electrolytes,

    ·       Coconut water.

    Avoid drinks that lead to dehydration, such as alcohol or caffeinated drinks

    2. Wear appropriate clothes

    It’s important to choose your clothing carefully when it’s hot outside. This seemingly small decision can make a huge difference. Your clothes, and even accessories like umbrellas, can help you prevent sunburns and heat exhaustion by allowing the body to cool more easily. Some good clothing choices include:

    ·       Light-colored clothes

    ·       Lightweight fabrics or materials

    ·       Loose-fitting clothes

    ·       Hats or sunglasses

    3. Stay indoors during midday hours

    During a heatwave, try to engage in outdoor activities before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m., when the temperature tends to be cooler.

    Here are some ways to stay cool inside:

    ·       Close your windows and draw the blinds during the day

    ·       Take a cool bath or shower

    ·       Sleep in your coolest room and use light linens

    ·       Turn off artificial lighting and electronics

    ·       Use ceiling or portable fans

    4. Pay attention to the heat index and dew point

    While you may check the outside temperature in their area, pay attention to weather reports that note the heat index and dew point as well. Many weather apps and websites refer to this as the the “feels like” temperature, factoring in humidity and temperature to approximate how the weather really feels.

    According to the National Weather Service, a high dew point means there’s more moisture in the air. The higher the dew point, the muggier it feels and the more you need to worry about your elderly loved one’s comfort. Note the following dew point ranges:

    ·       55 or Below: comfortable or dry

    ·       Between 55 and 65: muggy or sticky

    ·       Greater than or equal to 65: oppressive humidity

    5. Take it easy and avoid heat exposure

    Talk with your senior loved one about how taking it easy in the summer can help their overall health and energy levels. When exposed to too much hot sun, their body has to work overtime to keep cool. Heart and metabolic rates increase, too. Something as simple as sitting outside can leave them feeling drained. When the humidity or dew point is high, it’s best to relax and avoid certain outdoor activities, such as exercise, gardening, lawn care, home repair, etc.

    6. Eat healthy and hydrating foods

    In addition to increasing fluid intake, there are many fruits and vegetables that can help keep your loved one nourished and hydrated, too. Have them readily available to enjoy as a snack, or serve them as a side dish with meals. Cut some of these options up and put them in water to infuse it with extra flavor.


    Hydrating fruits:

    ·       Watermelon

    ·       Strawberries

    ·       Grapefruit

    ·       Pineapple

    ·       Starfruit

    Hydrating vegetables:

    ·       Cucumbers

    ·       Romaine lettuce

    ·       Celery

    ·       Radishes

    ·       Zucchini

    7. Check in regularly with elderly loved ones

    A call or visit senior loved ones during hot weather is a great way to help them deal with the heat. Some conversation points to keep in mind:

    ·       Check whether they’re drinking water and staying hydrated.

    ·       Offer to pick up their favorite beverages or hydrating foods if they’re running low.

    ·       Ask how much time they spend outside. Do they use sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses?

    ·       Make sure they have air-conditioning or fans.

    Lastly, if your loved one is struggling to pay utility or cooling bills, the National Council on Aging has a list of energy assistance programs. The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program specifically helps seniors with energy and cooling costs. Questions? Call us today at 844-358-4311 if you need home care for your senior loved ones.

  • Senior Care Industry Lamenting Having to Raise Quality Standards, At Home Eldercare Already There

    Gavin Densmore • July 13, 2021

    In a recent article on the Home Health Care News website, Senior Home Care providers are lamenting the increased costs that are lingering as the Coronavirus pandemic subsides. Many of them are upset that they have to pay their staff more, focus more on employee retention, and spend more on client safety.

    Home care costs.jpg

    This article is a sad commentary on the state of the industry as a whole. At Home Eldercare has always had two main priorities, making and keeping our clients happy and making and keeping our employees happy. We have always paid more than the market rate and focused on caregiver retention. Happy, fulfilled employees leads to happy, satisfied clients. For too long, the Senior Home Care industry has viewed employees as disposable, despite continuing challenges in recruitment and retention.

    Our first thought every day, as stated by our CEO, is to wonder what we can do to keep both our caregivers and our clients happy. This is the only path to success, and the best in care.

  • 5 Minutes Plus with At Home Eldercare CEO Gavin Densmore

    Gavin Densmore • June 28, 2021

    Before you choose a senior care provider, it’s a good idea to get to know the people behind the company.

    AHE CEO Gavin Densmore has built an excellent reputation in the world of Senior Home Care. He has been involved in the industry for over 2 decades as an agency owner. In addition to his role as an owner, he now helps others succeed in the industry in his 2 latest endeavors. As the leader of Home Care Seminars, he teaches the home care licensing courses for the state of North Carolina and as the CEO of At Home Eldercare, he now offers franchises based on his successful business model. In this video, we find out the philosophy that has lead to his success and his role in the success of others. If you would like more information about joining in that success, go to https://athomeec.com/franchise-selection, call us at 844-358-4311, or email us at [email protected]

    P.S. – The (Plus) is because we went way over 5 minutes, as Gavin has a lot to say about running a business both successfully and ethically. This interview will teach you a lot about living with the heart of a servant to your fellow Humans.