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5 Minutes Plus with At Home Eldercare CEO Gavin Densmore

5 Minutes Plus with At Home Eldercare CEO Gavin Densmore

Gavin Densmore • June 28, 2021

Before you choose a senior care provider, it’s a good idea to get to know the people behind the company.

AHE CEO Gavin Densmore has built an excellent reputation in the world of Senior Home Care. He has been involved in the industry for over 2 decades as an agency owner. In addition to his role as an owner, he now helps others succeed in the industry in his 2 latest endeavors. As the leader of Home Care Seminars, he teaches the home care licensing courses for the state of North Carolina and as the CEO of At Home Eldercare, he now offers franchises based on his successful business model. In this video, we find out the philosophy that has lead to his success and his role in the success of others. If you would like more information about joining in that success, go to, call us at 844-358-4311, or email us at

P.S. – The (Plus) is because we went way over 5 minutes, as Gavin has a lot to say about running a business both successfully and ethically. This interview will teach you a lot about living with the heart of a servant to your fellow Humans.

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