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Senior Care Service Overview

Senior Care Service Overview

At Home Eldercare provides Non-Medical Home Care to seniors.  We do this in the client’s home setting, anywhere from 2 hours a day to 24 hours, seven days a week. We assist clients in their own homes, Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes and Group Homes. All of our clientele are over the age of 65. The choices available to the elderly presently are limited. Only 5% of the population, over 65, reside in nursing homes. For the vast majority of the population, it is simply too costly to consider. Also, it is an established fact that the elderly prefer to live in their homes (Aging in Place) rather than relocate to a nursing home or move in with a relative. At Home Eldercare has a proven track record for the best in client satisfaction. Our goal is never to compromise the quality of care and services provided to the client.


At Home Eldercare provides in-home aide services; the services are provided in accordance with the client’s plan of care. Certified Nurse Assistants follow instructions for client care written by a Registered Nurse. The benefit of hands-on-care is that the client remains in the comfort of their home and can continue their daily routines. The one-on-one attention ensures all needs are promptly met every time.


Help with prescribed exercises, provide or assist with personal care (i.e., bathing, care of mouth, skin and hair);  assist with ambulation; assist client with self-administration of medications which are ordered by a physician or other person authorized by state law to prescribe; perform incidental household services which are essential to the client’s care at home; and record and report changes in the client’s condition, family situation or needs.


Many times the elderly feel isolated and alone. Constant isolation can lead to the decline in a senior’s health and well-being. Companion services by At Home Eldercare can prevent isolation and lead to a longer more fulfilling life. Research also suggests that social interaction improves cognitive function reducing the chance of dementia.

Often as we age, our mobility can decline and falls are a real risk. Fall injury increases as we age and is the leading cause of deaths among seniors. It can be reassuring for the client and family to have someone on hand to keep loved ones safe.

“Non-Hands-on Care Services” means basic home management tasks, shopping, meal preparation, transportation, companion services, socialization, medication reminders, and other services that do not require the service provider to use “hands-on care”.


“Respite Care” means planned or emergency care provided to an individual in order to provide temporary relief to the family caregiver. Even the most dedicated family needs a break. No guilt.  A break can allow renewed focus for even the most dedicated family member.

Many family caregivers report physical, emotional and financial issues from trying to care for a loved one day in and day out. The strain can be overwhelming without relief and support. At Home Eldercare provides that kind of support that can revitalize the family caregiver by giving them the chance to relax and do something that brings them personal pleasure.

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